Metrosuite Two

20′ x 30′ / Two Bedroom / One Bathroom

Small in stature, mighty in spirit.

The Metrosuite Two is a complete outdoor living space perfect for a variety of applications. With the Metrosuite Two, you get all the features of a Metrosuite One, plus an extra bedroom. Installing a backyard home adds a new dimension to your outdoor living space. 

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Metrosuite Two

600 sqft. / Two bedroom / One bathroom

All-in Fixed Price

$389,000 plus HST

Included as standard in this budget:

  • Pre-designed plans to expedite permit approval (we pull the permits for you)
  • A completed Metrosuite (including finishes and appliances) 
  • Standard site work (including foundation, trenching, and utility tie-in) 
  • Delivery of the Metrosuite to your backyard; installation of the Metrosuite unit on-site, including craning (up to 100 ft.) 
  • A home visit to ensure that a Metrosuite and your backyard are a good match. 
  • Tarion warranty to protect your investment for years to come.

Additional Costs

  • Demolition 
  • Additional craning distance beyond 100’ 
  • Additional utility trenching beyond 50’
  • Utility upgrades 
  • Permit fees are flowed to you at cost.

Deposit Schedule

Metrosuite Inc. is committed to fully transparent fixed pricing. No hidden fees, no extra costs, and no surprises. We agree on the price and honour that agreement.

Initial Deposit: $60,000

Payment upon signing of the agreement of purchase and sale. Tarion’s deposit coverage limits are $60,000 if the purchase price is $600,000 or less.

Balance Payment

The remaining deposit for the Metrosuite home, which represents the total purchase price minus the initial deposit, will be securely paid into a trust when the home is ready for delivery. To ensure that the home meets quality standards and is prepared for transport, a third-party inspection report will be conducted and provided to the homeowner as proof of readiness.

    Financing Options

    Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): A type of loan that uses the equity in your home as collateral, allowing you to access funds for various expenses, such as a backyard home. 

    Cash: Using savings or liquid assets to pay for the backyard home in full. For those looking to purchase a Metrosuite without financing.

    Construction Loan: A short-term loan used specifically to finance the construction of a backyard home. Often used by homeowners looking to rent out their garden suite.

    Principal Mortgage Refinancing: The process of replacing an existing mortgage loan with a new loan, often with a different lender, to secure better terms or access funds for a backyard home.

    Ready. Set. Build.

    600 sq.ft. of luxury living space delivered directly to your backyard.