Quick & Easy ADU Installation

Experience unparalleled convenience with Metrosuite’s Concierge Service, expertly handling every detail from backyard preparation to utility connections. Embrace a stress-free journey as you sit back, relax, and savor the transformation of your outdoor sanctuary.


Obtaining a Building Permit

Once the contract is signed, our dedicated permitting team immediately starts the process of obtaining a building permit on your behalf.

Site Preparation

Making sure the area is cleared and the foundation is created. If necessary, we can get rid of structures like sheds, garbage, or waste by tearing them down and towing them away. We are conscious of tree removal and will undertake to do so as a last resort.

Factory Construction

Our skilled factory build team begins constructing your custom Metrosuite ADU as soon as the building permit is issued. We prioritize transparent communication, regularly updating you on the progress and anticipated delivery date.

Delivery & Installation

The Metrosuite customer service team will coordinate delivery to your property once site preparations are complete and your Metrosuite ADU is fully built in our factory. Installation takes approximately six hours and involves craning the unit directly into your backyard. We will connect all utilities (electrical, gas, plumbing) and secure the unit into position.

Final Inspection

A Metrosuite representative will be on-site to assist with the final Tarion inspection and the local municipality to secure your warranty and occupancy certificates, respectively. And with that, you’re done! The entire process, from start to finish, takes as little as four months.

We Take Care Of Everything.

From permit to final inspection, we do it all.