Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the entire process?

A typical Metrosuite ADU installation takes as little as four to six months to complete (from signing the agreement of purchase and sale to having the Metrosuite ADU delivered to your home). Note that the entire Metrosuite sales, fabrication, and installation process takes less than half the time it takes using traditional construction methods.

How can I finance my Metrosuite ADU?

Our clients typically use equity from their principal home to finance their purchase. This loan could be a home equity line of credit (HELOC), renovation loan, or second mortgage. It is best to speak with a financial professional to see what options are available to you. 

How are the utilities connected to my Metrosuite ADU?

Our onsite installation team will work to extend the sewer, water, and electric lines from your principal dwelling and connect them to your Metrosuite ADU. This work happens before installation. As an optional upgrade these utilities can be metered and billed separately. This process is minimally invasive, and hook-up occurs on your Metrosuite ADU delivery date.

What are the different sized Metrosuite ADUs?

We are proud to offer two different-sized units. Metrosuite One (one bedroom, one bathroom, 480 sqft.) and Metrosuite Two (two bedrooms, one bathroom, 600 sqft.).

Can I customize my Metrosuite?

We offer several standard and upgrade options. During the ordering process your Metrosuite representative will discuss all available options most of which you can view in person at our Richmond Hill showroom. 

What features come standard?

Metrosuite ADUs are delivered fully built and include all appliances, finishes, hardware, and HVAC. Contact us for a list of inclusions. 

How is my Metrosuite built?

Metrosuite ADUs are built at our climate-controlled factory in Canada. Our expert craftsmen only use the finest materials sourced from reputable suppliers. Metrosuite ADUs are built to CSA A277 certification and come with a full Tarion warranty. 

How do you know my property qualifies for a Metrosuite ADU?

Our team will use your address to verify your property meets size requirements & complies with city zoning. We will advise you if you qualify within 48 hours of your initial inquiry.

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