Why Purchase a Metrosuite ADU?

Transform Your Backyard.

Discover the ease of acquiring premium, prefabricated backyard ADUs with Metrosuite’s streamlined, turn-key solution. Our dedicated service team handles every aspect, from initial consultation to occupancy, ensuring a hassle-free experience tailored to the Canadian market. 

HCRA Registered & Tarion Warranty

Metrosuite, an HCRA-certified builder, ensures our homes are built to rigorous quality and safety standards. We work closely with engineering firms for unbiased inspections of our homes’ pre-transport, ensuring excellence. Our Tarion warranty offers peace of mind, protecting against defects. Trust Metrosuite for a secure, high-quality investment, addressing potential concerns efficiently.

Why Modular?

Discover Metrosuite ADUs’ cutting-edge prefabrication, delivering precision, efficiency, and quality beyond traditional building. Our approach reduces construction time, site disruptions, and waste while meeting top environmental and quality standards. Enjoy a swift experience with as little as 3-5 weeks of site preparation before home delivery, compared to 12+ months of traditional construction.

Quality Control
Metrosuite ADU
Fixed-price contracts.
Materials are engineered for minimum waste; pre-fabrication process is efficient, reducing the overall carbon footprint
Build in as little as four to six months. Site work completed in as little as three to five weeks.
Stringent quality control resulting in a product being manufactured with the highest level of crafsmanship
Tarion warranty applying to all parts of the Metrosuite ADU
Traditional construction can often have unforeseen costs, and contracts may not always be fixed. This can lead to cost overruns and delays in the project.
Traditional construction methods may not prioritize sustainability and can result in more waste and a larger carbon footprint.
Traditional construction can take much longer than four to six months, and site work may take much longer than three to five weeks. Delays due to weather and other factors can also impact the timeline.
Traditional construction may not always have the same level of stringent quality control as modular construction, leading to potential issues with craftsmanship and overall quality of the final product.
Traditional construction may not always come with a comprehensive warranty like the Tarion warranty offered with Metrosuite ADUs, leaving homeowners potentially on the hook for unexpected repairs or issues.

Multi-Generational Living

  • A place to call home for young adults
  • Comfortable aging in place for elders
  • Amplify living space for expanding families

Rental Income

  • Generate monthly income
  • Maximize primary residence rental potential
  • Optimize earnings with expert guidance

Work from Home

  • Tailored work-from-home solution
  • Enhance work-life harmony
  • Empower your growing home business

Expanding Compact Living.

Discover our spacious one and two-bedroom designs.